Occular Witness (the book), 2006

Wheel with 46 book pages with a hole through the middle of each page. The book is printed in a pocket version and a box edition (25). ©Arijana Kajfes

Occular Witness is a project about light and vision. It is a study, both physically and metaphorically, of light as a carrier of information and meaning. On the photonic level, light is seen as a pre-cognitive and pre-linguistic smallest component for the transmission of information. On the symbolic level, light also reveals the surrounding dark expanse of human knowledge and understanding. 
With the outset in Duchamp’s work with the Large Glass and the notes and studies for it in the Green Box, the project Occular Witness (referring to the Oculist Witnesses, a detail in the Large Glass) evolves around experiments with light and ideas about vision that move in the grey zone before interpretation and the production of meaning takes place.

Definition printed in Framtidsencyklopedin / Encyclopedia of the Future, Glänta no.3-08