Unseen (Dérive: Tombouctou), 2016 (Konstnärshuset, Stockholm 2nd version)

Sound/video installation w. rotating projection, surround sound / prints of subtext in braille and swedish (letterpress)

©Arijana Kajfes

Dérive: Tombouctou was a walk in the desert outside Tombouctou with a sight-deprived person, Amadou N’Diayé, who walks

and describes his experience of the place. The project was realized in collaboration with Niklas Billström (sound design), Fatoumata Diabaté (photodocumentation) and Oumou Sankaré (videodocumentation). Postproduction/animation: Daniel Westlund.

The rotating projection is created from a 360° recording of the space during the walk with the voice of Amadou speaking and surround sound of outer and inner spaces.

Dérive: Tombouctou, (Mali 1st version) 2012

La Médina, Bamako, Mali