The Undistorted Image of, 2010

Installation in three parts:

Photobooth with webcamera and computer with image analysis software (programmed by Mariadele Arcuri)  that can analyse and store pictures of the visitor’s birthmarks.

Body chart (digital print of medical image from Performance Physio) where visitors can needle the position of their birthmarks.

5 maps/posters (digital print) made from five separate birthmarks.

©Arijana Kajfes

The installation is based on a speculation made by René Descartes in his writings about optics, concerning the possibility of finding an undistorted image. The image of a pregnant woman’s vision could pass through her arteries and the pineal gland to be developed as a birthmark on the body of her foetus. Each map is named after the mother of the person who’s birthmark is presented. The mapping is analysed through topographical, spectral and point cloud imaging.

Photo: Mattias Åkeson


Body chart

Map / The Undistorted Image of Laura