The Undistorted Image of, 2015 (from group exhibition Implicit Hits w. Eva Löfdahl, Hans Andersson)

Ceramics, blood powder, wax, aluminum, photopolymer prints

©Arijana Kajfes

The installation is based on a speculation made by René Descartes in his writings about optics, concerning the possibility of finding an undistorted image. The image of a pregnant woman’s vision could pass through her arteries and the pineal gland to be developed as a birthmark on the body of her foetus. Each print is named after the mother of the person who’s birthmark is presented. The forms are handmade interpretations of the marks. Each form has a small opening.

The Undistorted Image of Galina

(left) photopolymer print, letterpress, aluminum

(right) ceramic clay, blood powder, wax, aluminum