Motorheart, 2007

Permanent installation on Kvarntorpshögen Konst på Hög, Kumla.

©Arijana Kajfes/Anders Boqvist

Motorheart is a collaborative work with artist Anders Boqvist. A permanent, site-specific installation on a mound of shale-ash

debris from the production of oil during World War II. The ash is still burning in the interior of the mound and the smoke and heat

leaks out through crevices in the ground. The installation consists of a gas pump made of stainless steel with an engraved emblem

on each side, a casting of a fuel gun inserted into a stainless steel fuel hole in the ground that is connected to an interred V8 engine

(Ford Flathead, 1938). The mechanical fuel meter (4-digit reel) is connected to a solar cell that continuously powers it, implying an

incessant flow of fuel to the invisible engine.